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We are delighted to invite you to the twelfth Liberation International Music Festival in this the 75 th Anniversary year of the Liberation of the Channel Islands from the German Occupation. Once again it features a variety of internationally acclaimed artists, performing music in incredible settings on the beautiful island of Jersey. This year as we mark Liberation 75 and the end of the second world war it is an opportunity to share the stories and remember those islanders who lived through the Occupation.

The festival will focus on “Passages to Freedom”, those who were forced to leave the islands, those who escaped the theatre of war, those prisoners brought to the islands from Russia, Spain, Poland and France and those displaced by war and the plight of the refugee.

We welcome renowned artists to Jersey including violinist Harriet Mackenzie and award-winning accordion player Miloš Milivojević, the Jersey Chamber Orchestra for our Liberation 75 Prom, singers John Savournin, Georgi Mottram and Victoria Simmons and guitarist James Boyd.’ We are delighted to be reaching out to over 900 students through our "Meet the Music" outreach programmes including a series of masterclasses across St Helier and at the Jersey Academy of Music.

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