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We are delighted to invite you to the eleventh Liberation International Music Festival. It features over twenty internationally acclaimed artists, performing beautiful, dramatic and atmospheric music in stunning settings in the beautiful island of Jersey. With a theme of joy and celebration the concerts highlight many of the great nations who were reduced to fighting and now enjoy peace. We welcome the extraordinarily talented violinist Ning Feng and friends such as Leonard Elschenbroich and Rose Ventris to play Shostakovitch and Schbubert, Harriet Mackenzie & friends will serenade you on a Musical Walk, our Broadway Gala will showcase the talents of Rodney Earl Clarke supported by the Jersey Chamber Orchestra and finally we finish with our new Jazz Festival at the Royal Jersey Showground featuring BBC Jazz artist of the year, Clare Teal and her mini big band! We are delighted to be reaching out to over 1500 students through our "Meet the Music" outreach programmes including a series of masterclasses across St Helier and at the Jersey Academy of Music.

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