Liberation – the theme explored

The festival’s theme is taken from the Liberation of Jersey as well as exploring artistic freedom and the power of music to liberate the spirit. 
The history of Liberation Day is well known to all.  In June 1944, the Normandy landings marked the initiation of ‘Operation Overlord’, the invasion of northwest Europe by the Allied forces.  On 8th May, the front page of the Jersey Evening Post carried news of the Allies’ victory in Europe, and crowds began to gather to hear the announcement that would declare their liberation. 

At 15.00pm Winston Churchill crackled onto the airwaves to give, perhaps, the most famous speech of his esteemed oratory career.  The Prime Minister’s words announced the end to the war in Europe and amidst great cheers across the Island, he confirmed to an elated Jersey that their liberation was finally to become a reality.“our dear Channel Islands are also to be freed today” - (Winston Churchill, 15:00, May 8th, 1945)

All around the Island flags and decorations sprang up and celebrations continued into the night.  On 9 May HMS Bulldog and Beagle arrived in Jersey anchored in St Aubin’s Bay and at 2.00pm the German Island Commander signed the surrender documents.

We hope to capture some of the sense of excitement felt by all on those days through the performance of wonderful music performed by some very special artists.  We feel particularly fortunate to be able to reveal some of the splendour of Jersey through the unique historical heritage.  Stunning music in spectacular settings promises to liberate our souls and provide amazing experiences while reflecting on our fortune and freedom.